Artist Statement

People inspire me. Their personalities, the way they express themselves, the way they understand things, everything inspires me. I want to capture everyone’s own uniqueness and voice through my photography and let their voices be expressed. With my minimalist approach I show what is real, through both film and digital I look to capture the truth within people. I want to allow the viewers to feel a relationship with my work by being able to relate their own personal stories.


Jen Murillo [Moo-rri-jo] is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Columbus, Ohio where she is pursuing her BFA in Photography at Columbus College of Art & Design. Murillo is Colombian and is originally from New York City district Connecticut, where she discovered her love for photography. Her work consists of emotional narratives and various perspectives that she’s witnessed as she’s traveled and immersed herself in different cultures. Murillo has had publications in F-Stop Magazine, works with the Ohio State University’s Fashion Magazine, “Scarlette”, and has received awards like the Faculty Scholarship and the CCAD Study Abroad Photo Competition Scholarship. Within the next year she hopes to start up her own zine, “Wild Youth” a zine inspired by our generation.