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Puerto Rico

This past week I was lucky enough to go to Puerto Rico on a volunteer trip with my job. We went and volunteered in Fajardo at a spayathon with The Sato Project. It was truly such a rewarding experience, I met so many amazing people, from the people of Puerto Rico to all the volunteers that took time out of their lives to come and help these dogs and cats. It has truly inspired me and I’ve can’t help but look up ways I can get involved around my own community.

We didn’t get to see much of Puerto Rico, since most of the time was spent in a gym but on the last day before we went to the Airport we explored a little bit of old San Juan, it was gorgeous. I can’t wait to come back one day to Puerto Rico and get to enjoy it vacation style. Hopefully I can go back and volunteer again in the near future!

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Figuring it out

I’m trying to figure out how to stop hating my work so much. The majority of what I’ve been doing recently isn’t doing it for me. I feel disappointed and uninspired which leads me to not shoot at all. How to get out of this terrible block, how do I find inspiration?

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Putting it into the universe

Yesterday I went for a walk around German Village with my friend, Chelsea. She is rad and ambitious, the type of person I need to surround myself with. We met at a photoshoot a few years back and always kept in contact, she recently moved back from NYC and we’ve been hanging out, making plans.

It’s been inspiring to hang out with a fellow creative, I need to start doing it more often. Sad that I don’t do it enough. It’s been helping get my juices flowing. I’ve been wanting to create a Latina based zine for a while now, and I’m finally really getting started on that. Took my sweet time but here I am.

Here are some photos from yesterday. Not sure I’m a fan but I’m always hard on myself. There are more in the on location section. ;)

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About a month back I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Travis. We went for a walk in downtown Columbus and ended up by the railroad tracks. It was a very fun adventure with a fun human. I always enjoy seeing Travis, he is an incredible artist and listening to him talk, seeing how motivated and ambitious he is, is always inspiring.

Check out my On Location section to check out photos from this adventure!

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Getting back in the swing of things.

In efforts to keep up with the modern world I’ve been trying my damn best to post constantly on social media. My version of constantly is a photo a day…if that. I’m trying here. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me to network through social media, when I was a kid I was running a fansite with over 13k friends, creating layouts, making hella friends all over, mastering photoshop…I’m not sure how I got to this point. But it be like that.

I’m saying this to no one but…follow me.

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Finding my way one shot at a time

I found an old notebook from high school and it really put me in a weird place. I was so ambitious, I had so many goals and lists, what happened? I’ve lost my way and no longer know what I want. Maybe I do know what I want, I just have no idea where or how to start. I feel like I’ve already wasted so much time, I don’t even know where to being to make up for lost time.

I feel this way about almost every aspect of my life…I hope I’m not alone in this. Not that I want others to feel this helpless…

I’m trying tho. Shout out to the friends that keep me inspired.

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Small world

The other day while working at my weekend job I saw a very old friend of mine. We lost touch when we went to different high schools. I was so shocked I almost couldn’t believe it was her, not just a few days before she sent me a photo of something I drew for her when we were kids and now there she is standing in front of me. She is the last person I though I’d run into on that day especially since she lives in CT and I’m in OH! 

We ended up hanging out the next day, we went to a sunflower field in Yellow Springs and going to the zoo. It was also her best friends birthday so it was a really nice and celebratory day. It was honestly such a great time. 

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Summer wasn't a bummer

It’s the last few hours of summer, so I’m appreciating how wonderful it was. I was lucky enough to have a great summer, I was able to spend time with so many people that I love. I was able to see one of my favorite bands, Bomba Estereo, in Detroit and go to Warped tour, the final one. It was actually really sad. Other than that, it was rad.

Oh! And I had red, blue, and green hair!!

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Mojo Jojo

I’ve been shooting a lot of film recently. Mostly with disposable cameras but these past few weeks I’ve been bringing my Nikon out with me and shooting. I love photographing interesting people but my social anxiety has been so terrible I just stopped shooting. Luckily, I feel like I’m finally getting my mojo back. I sure hope so. I miss shooting and feeling creative. 

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Day 1

I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for too long. It’s time to take control, I finally feel like I have the strength to fight back against my mental health. I hope that in this new period I grow to have self love and my creative block goes away. 

To anyone battling mental illness, I’m with you and I believe in you. ❤️

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I’ve been to Chicago three times, but it wasn’t until this past visit that I was truly able to enjoy the city. My childhood best friend, Jenn, came out to Columbus to visit. We did a lot including hiking, a paramore concert, and visiting Chicago.

It was such a fun trip! We got to explore the city and enjoy the night life. It was also my first real “adult trip”. As in, we reserved a room at a hostile and actually went through with everything we wanted to do! It was pretty exciting since for so long I feel like I was just talking rather than doing. 

Im looking forward to more do-ing. I’m young and need to escape this hole that I feel stuck in. Didn’t mean to go dark but it’s how I feel.

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Villa De Leyva

One of the few remaining towns in Colombia to conserve its original colonial style and architecture. Also the biggest colonial plaza in Colombia. 


Boyaca, Colombia

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Boyacá, Colombia

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Chicago, Illionois. 

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A little over a month later...

I'm the worst at this. There was a time where I would write every single thing that happened to me in the day. I have loads of journals, every thought and every moment are documented. Now I have to remind myself to write, to write on here. I think that it's mostly because I feel like I don't have much to say, I really do much anyways. 

Regardless, its been a crazy month and a half. I was "homeless" for 3 weeks due to my lease ending before my move in date. It honestly sucked. Moving things into 3 peoples basements just to move it all again in three weeks really really sucks. Since there was no way in hell I was going to sleep on anyways couch, be in anyones space, for 3 weeks. I ended up only doing it for a week though, shout out to Sarah and Jakob for being amazing human beings. 

The first two weeks I spent in Connecticut. I used this time to visit my mom, dad, and all the other important people. It was the perfect amount of time to be home and luckily my job let me work from home so I didn't skip a beat! It's always so good to go home and be surrounded by the people I love. It honestly makes me want to move back sometimes but I don't think I ever could. First of all, I love Columbus. It's seriously a hidden gem. Second of all, I would never move back there unless I had a secure job. It's just way to expensive. I live in New York City district so shit gets crazy and I don't want to be living in my childhood bedroom. 

I have to remind myself that I do have things to say, I am living. I mean hell, just last month I drove to CT, picked up my best friend Ashley, we then drove up to Massachusetts to surprise our friend Nina for the weekend. Damn, just last weekend I was in Cincinnati for a Taking Back Sunday concert and my roommate Hailey and I ended up making it a day trip and stopped by Yellow Springs. We even drove to Kentucky, which was soo random. I just need to keep on keeping on and things are gonna work out for the best. 

So here are photos from my last few weeks, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and faces I love.

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July in the rain...

It has been raining like crazy recently and the days are still gorgeous.

I haven't been shooting much, just hoping inspiration will strike. I mostly think about the zine and how to improve it, how to make it stand out from the rest...

I had a spontaneous shoot with my friend, and talented artist, Travis! It was the first time I had shot in months and of course it felt great! Art always feels good, and that is are reminder that God and the Universe gave to me as I walked my friends pup in a neighborhood I'm not familiar with. 

I will post photos from my little shoot with Travis later this week! In the meantime please send me happy positive inspiration filled vibes! I will cherish them so much. <3 

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Reality Bites

I recently went out and ran into a lot of people, friends, old classmates, besides it being a grand time because i got to see wonderful and awesome people, it was actually kind of sad for me. Every time someone asked me how my art was going I'd have no real response. my art is on pause? I have no inspiration? How did I even get to this point? My art was where I could runaway to and now its just a reminder of what a failure I feel. Everyone keeps reminding me that its only been a year since I graduated and that I'm actually doing more than a lot of people but I don't feel that. I feel like I should at least be in a better place than I am now. Of course I remind myself that I did basically take a year off and that I need to stop being so hard on myself but I'm stubborn.

Since I haven't made any really art recently, here are scanned photos from Hocking Hills.

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Hocking Hills

Yesterday I visited Hocking Hills, a state park in Ohio. I have only been once before so I was super excited to visit again! Especially after hearing they opened a new trail. Two friends joined me and it was honestly a blast. I feel so lucky to live so close to such beautiful land. I brought my instamax and will be scanning that film soon! For now I just have some iphone photos I took. Wish I had brought my camera but the batteries were dead, just my luck. 


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14 days left...

It's May 1st, which means in 13 days it will be my one year since I graduated college, how insane is that. A year went by way to fast. This year turned into an unofficial year off and I have 13 days left until I get back to work. I spent the day at the park today reading self help books to help me get my shit together and just being with nature. 

Heres to the future, may it be full of inspiration and sucess. 

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This week

I've been trying to be more active on instagram. It's really hard for me since I'm not too big on social media. I feel like I just don't have the spark to get tons of followers. lol. I'm working on it, I'm working on some new projects so this is when it'll start becoming easier for me to work the social media circit. Right now all I have to offer is pictures of dogs and flowers. Follow me tho, dogs are worth the follow. 

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