Finally got around to scanning some Fujifilm

My mom bought me a Fujifilm Instax Mini for Christmas, I absolutely love it. I've always been a fan of instant cameras, Sadly I don't use my polaroid camera much since film is so expensive. I got a chance to scan some of the photos I've taken with it so far. This week on my instagram I started to share some of the photos. 

I've had so much fun taken photos of my friends, below is my nephew Cash, son of my beloved best friend Ashley. I was able to visit the two when I visit back home for Christmas. The second photo is the last photograph I took in 2016, a portrait of my friend and roommate, Hailey! She is wonderful and I absolutely loved this photo of her. The last photo is a photograph of my friend Clay, we stumbled upon a bar and played some pool and darts, always a good time. :) 

My birthday is coming up and I'm hoping I will be gifted some more film, regradless I will be buying more! ;) 

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