A little over a month later...

I'm the worst at this. There was a time where I would write every single thing that happened to me in the day. I have loads of journals, every thought and every moment are documented. Now I have to remind myself to write, to write on here. I think that it's mostly because I feel like I don't have much to say, I really do much anyways. 

Regardless, its been a crazy month and a half. I was "homeless" for 3 weeks due to my lease ending before my move in date. It honestly sucked. Moving things into 3 peoples basements just to move it all again in three weeks really really sucks. Since there was no way in hell I was going to sleep on anyways couch, be in anyones space, for 3 weeks. I ended up only doing it for a week though, shout out to Sarah and Jakob for being amazing human beings. 

The first two weeks I spent in Connecticut. I used this time to visit my mom, dad, and all the other important people. It was the perfect amount of time to be home and luckily my job let me work from home so I didn't skip a beat! It's always so good to go home and be surrounded by the people I love. It honestly makes me want to move back sometimes but I don't think I ever could. First of all, I love Columbus. It's seriously a hidden gem. Second of all, I would never move back there unless I had a secure job. It's just way to expensive. I live in New York City district so shit gets crazy and I don't want to be living in my childhood bedroom. 

I have to remind myself that I do have things to say, I am living. I mean hell, just last month I drove to CT, picked up my best friend Ashley, we then drove up to Massachusetts to surprise our friend Nina for the weekend. Damn, just last weekend I was in Cincinnati for a Taking Back Sunday concert and my roommate Hailey and I ended up making it a day trip and stopped by Yellow Springs. We even drove to Kentucky, which was soo random. I just need to keep on keeping on and things are gonna work out for the best. 

So here are photos from my last few weeks, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and faces I love.

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